Binance Calculator Convert Bitcoin Into Any World ... stats and BNB valuation launched on July 14th, 11 days after its ICO which raised $15m, is on its way to become the premiere NEO based ICO platform, especially in China. In roughly two months, I believe it ranked once top 10 exchanges by 24 hour volume. The futuristic exchange received VC funding from Blackhole Capital and Funcity Capital. I'm a b-schooler with fin/econ focus, so I have been forced to learn that fundamentals matter in the long run. For the same reason, I'm a big NEO fan as well and have a few NEOs. I looked at CZ led Binance team and Binance's business model. The team have excellent track record having affiliation with industry leaders. Entirely new to crytospace, I went pretty much all in at much higher than current price. I don't regret cancelling my sell order at 69k sats; not because I believe BNB will rise, but because I learnt about markets. I witnessed Binance team strategically handling this current Chinese bitcoin/bitcoin exchanges/ICOs ban news/FUDs. That's another story. Binance is the first community I'm kind of active and this happens to be my first post. This is a just a summary of what I found elsewhere (see references, official stats announcement):

Binance as a business

Total supply is 200M. 20% of's quarterly profits will be used to buy-and-destroy BNB tokens, eventually leaving 100M in constant circulation. Binance's already lower than industry average (0.2%) trading fees reduce to only 0.05% when paid in BNB. It's one of the rarest tokens that provide real-life utility. This is their discounted fee schedule:
Period (year) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th+
Discount 50% 25% 12.5% 6.75% 0%
Forget about BNB's plan to build a decentralized exchange in which BNB will be used as GAS. For now I try to estimate, or guesstimate or yet better, daydream about BNB's actual demand in coming years. Assume a risk-premium (amount above valuation) though, for BNB might actually be the fuel of the planet's most powerful decentralized exchange.

Assumptions and valuation

Statisticians assume a lot of things, usually in their favor. I'm too assuming things about BNB:
Only Bittrex and Bitfinex have crossed that 100k+ daily volume milestone. Binance has to be of course one of the be global leaders and and ahead of, in order for the valuation to hold. It seems daunting, but I think is possible. For the sake of simplicity, I shamelessly generalized calculations and used round numbers. Since BNB provides utility entitling users to pay discounted fees, any rational user would grab the opportunity. I hope Binance has a 50k BTC daily volume, on average, in the next four years. Though discount will be decreasing over time, I assume only 0.05% fees in the entire period. The calculation does not include demands for deposits/withdrawals/listings/ICOs that will use Binance platform.
trading_fees * volume * days / total_supply = price/BNB 0.0005 * 50000 * 1500 / 200000000 = 0.0001875 
BNB is valued at roughly 37500 BTC (~150M USD), putting BNB at ~ $0.7. This is probably an undervaluation. See notes.



To BNB team

Congrats! You've smartly handled this recent tsunami, which unfortunately happened to be just when you started. Take it as an opportunity and prove that YES, IT'S POSSIBLE. BNB's success depends on your success.


There are ~200 weeks in four years, not ~400. Because I couldn't include some obviously positive variables in valuation and since final number makes sense, I'm leaving it as it is. Binance is going to have the assumed 50k volume soon anyway, I hope.
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